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New Life for Old Candle Holders!
Do you have an old candle holder that is so special to you that, even with all the wax gone, you just can't bring yourself to getting rid of the candle holder?
Magnolia Candlers is pleased to announce a solution for you!
One lady in Morgan City approached us at the recent Shrimp & Petroleum Festival and asked if we could help her revive her old and sentimental candle holders.  For a nominal cost, we were able to do just that and, if you read her testimonial, met her expectations!  Just look at the before and after pictures below.
I am so pleased with these candles. Chris was able to refill some empty candle containers that I had with her wonderful candle scents. Not only was I excited that this could be done, but the fragrance of her candles fill more rooms than just the room that it is
                                                     burning in. We live in a large
                                                     house and this is the first time that
                                                     a candle that I have purchased has
                                                     made a difference. My husband is
                                                     also pleased with the choice that I
                                                     made. Thanks again, Chris for a
                                                     job well done!
                                                               Mary B., Morgan City, LA
What's the Cost to Revive Your Candle Holder?
    Each candle holder is different depending on the size of the
container and the amount of soy wax we must use to fill it.  We will
give you an estimate once we see the container.  Then, all you have to do is tell us which one of our many scents you want us to use and soon your old candle holder will have new life as a 100% soy candle!                                            
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