Magnolia Candlers, L.L.C. - All-Natural Hand Poured, Double-Scented 100% Pure Soy Candles

Magnolia Candlers, L.L.C. takes pride in its products.  Each new candle holder goes through a testing period to ensure that the soy candle meets our standards of giving you, the customer, more for your money.

Here we are testing new candle holders and tealight candle holders.  The two tealight candles in the foreground are being tested to see which one - the soy candle on the left or the paraffin candle on the right, burns longer.

After 30 minutes, the soy candle is burning more evenly than the paraffin candle


We are testing an Italian lip glass container.  So far, the soy wax burns evenly and we like the glow as it slowly burns the soy.

We are excited about our fall foliage candle holder.  Even though we think it's going to be very popular, it still goes through the testing process.

Testing has begun on our new line of candle holders we call the Dutch Special.


Another container, hexagon-shaped, is being tested to see if this special shape will meet our standards.
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